Standal has become a company that specialises in carrying out construction work and renovations. This is proven by the fact that we plan and undertake work for external companies, other professional architectural studios who entrust us with planning some of their jobs.

In the field of home renovation, it is uncommon to encounter a sufficiently high quality standard due to a lack of specialisation of technicians, many of whom have not deemed it necessary to develop ways of professional work systems. These systems must be streamlined to avoid the repetition of any incidents which could become recurring. This allows us to be able to determine the time to completion with the highest level of precision, to perfect the quality of every activity, and to log lessons learnt for this type of work where so many human and technical elements both have an impact.

The perfect complete renovation for your home

The key factor that has enabled us to become specialists in undertaking projects – home renovation in particular – is that we have generated our own work system, developed over the years and constantly perfected by new demands ensure that we constantly evolve. We are renovation specialists for flats, houses and any kind of residence.

Through this work system, we have screened factories, industrialists, working techniques…and we have defined a way of working that is different, more artisan, very personalised and within a wide framework of specialisms that is capable of undertaking any home renovation.

If what you are searching for is a company dedicated to home renovations, look no further and request your quote.

[ut_one_third_last] [ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”QUALITY” state=”open”] As a starting point, we emphasise that no matter what the project, no matter the size, we always maintain the same level of quality so that the features that identify us as a brand are always evident. Jobs must last the maximum amount of time, the investment must pay for itself and for this, it is essential to ensure sufficient quality of all necessary components, in addition to having work being entirely carried out by true professionals.[/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”PLANNING” state=”closed”] We pay great attention to detail in planning each job, constantly communicating with the client, establishing a genuine point of contact who is ready to provide any information that the client needs. Our clients always control the pace of the job and what each worker does. We avoid overlapping industrialists so that they can the is bridge that is very sincere on the level with constant information, our clients control at all times the work rhythms and what each sector does. We avoid the overlap of industrialists to ensure they can carry out their work in the best possible conditions. In spite of this, they meet frequently, know each other very well and are used to collaborative working and teamwork. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”FIXED-PRICE QUOTES” state=”closed”] Whenever undertaking a home renovation, it is paramount to hire a company that can provide a quote with no misinterpretations, or anything incomplete. At Standal, you will find exact quotes. We want our clients to know exactly what they’re getting and it is because of this that our quotes go into every detail clearly and precisely. The idea is to define the project as much as possible, improvise as little as possible and give you a price that’s as accurate as possible. That’s why we insist that the only way to achieve this is by undertaking a project that is professional, crafted and expertly detailed, with time set aside to develop all the alternatives. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”TEAMWORK” state=”closed”] We consider it important to underline our ability to work as a team. We believe that specialising in home renovations is the only way forward. This is the best way to get the best out of each member of staff. Obviously, this means that we work as an significant team in magnitude, a number of specialists united in the cause to raise the bar. In many cases, our competitors have been undertaking projects with reduced levels of staff who do a number of different tasks, with an poorer degree of specialisation. The atmosphere on any of Standal’s jobs is very pleasant. In our team, we are happy to carry on doing what we enjoy – designing and undertaking home renovations. In a sector where working as a team is complicated, Standal can be proud of having a team that works to perfection. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_third_last]

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