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[ut_two_thirds] In Standal we understand that specialisation and professionalism of interior designers and decorators are indispensable both in Barcelona as well as in the rest of Spain. We are exacting in our work and are craftsmen when it comes to undertaking any project.

We love our work and the ability to transform things. For this reason, we are absolutely determined to deliver excellent results in every one of our projects.

The job of the interior designer is to meet the need to prepare and decorate a space to improve quality of life. At Standal, our interior designers are as creative as they are practical, and as sensitive as they are professional.
[ut_tabgroup] [ut_tab title=”Optimisation” id=”t1″] When undertaking interior design projects, we try to optimise our work as much as possible, always taking the tastes of our clients into account, and we distinguish ourselves from our competitors due to the quality and effort that we put in. We work on homes, offices or commercial premises. You can get a sense of the level of personalisation that we strive for every project from the reports of completed work. We don’t prescribe models or styles, we walk with people to produce tailor-made setting out and defining the necessary steps achieve beautiful interior design that is functional for that person in particular. [/ut_tab] [ut_tab title=”Drive and conviction” id=”t2″]Our drive and conviction are present in each and every one of our projects. Drive and conviction that always go hand in hand with the hopes and expectations that our clients have of us.

We focus on the satisfaction and the interest of our clients, providing the highest level of creativity to produce innovative designs and to bringing maximum creativity with the aim of creating innovative designs that also convey the sentiment that the client has expressed. Interior decoration and design is very important work, given that we are not just concerned about style, colours, lighting… we are concerned about experiences, memories and unique homes. For these reasons, all these factors have to be perfectly balanced to create a harmonious atmosphere and above all, a unique experience, not only visually, but for all the senses. [/ut_tab] [ut_tab title=”Solutions for the client” id=”t3″] At Standal, we offer the best solutions for our clients. We know how important the characterisation and style of an inside space, and what it means for our clients. Our solutions go beyond materials and design, we search for a balance between the technical and the practical. Making sure the result goes above and beyond something bland, we want good memories, we want every time one of our customers sits down and looks around, they feel that this is exactly what they wanted.
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Compared to the other interior design studios in Barcelona our unique features could be:

[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”Perfection” state=”open”] Our aim a company is to function like a Swiss watch with regards to service and our way of working, perfectly integrating the artistic bits, interior decoration and design. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”Specialisation” state=”closed”] The complete professional specialisation that our interior designers and decorators acquire is is used when they are project manager to direct and organise the completion of their own projects. A single point of contact, the best possible…the one who has thought up the project and the one who will be at the helm every step of the way.[/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”Flexibility” state=”closed”] Our flexibility in designing any space and adapting to projects with very different sides to them, both in style as well as in price. Services that are adaptable and adjustable to changes and modifications if so desired. [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”Quality of the materials” state=”closed”] We have the best materials and tools as well as the best building techniques in order to achieve unique and perfect solutions. [/ut_toggle] [/ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_third_last]

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