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[ut_one_half]Standal is an excellent option to take on an implementation or renovation project for a commercial property. We are passionate about developing a business into a brand through design.

If we think of interior design as a tool to convey emotions, then to invest in a professional product is the most effective way to strengthen a business.

If we understand that a business or a product stands out from the competition because of its distinct features, then efficient brand design is a necessary ingredient. For businesses that have public premises, and have products on sale, getting the design right will almost certainly increase profit.

For a customer to return to a restaurant, a hairdresser, a clothing store or a grocery shop depends on a number of factors, the main one being: the quality of its product or service.

But there are other sensory factors that play a role in getting remembering the place where one decided to buy: the general ambience, the lighting, the colours used, the music and the scents… the customer constantly feels emotions and will remember them if they are pleasant.

Much of those factors need to be part of a commercial or office interior design project; the designer must bring together the business concept of the client with an appropriate conversion of the space.

With the current competition, it is vital to trust a professional with experience and not hope to save on costs thinking it is not that important to commission a commercial decoration project.



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If Standal does the project, the main objective is the return on investment and develop a proposal that has the best amortisation.

Our goal is to increase sales and reduce operating costs as far as possible.

To achieve results, we get involved in business planning through analysing the company’s identity and its communication strategy. When starting from scratch, we propose an action plan in collaboration with other professionals linked to Standal.

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We insist in the need to ensure that whatever commercial premises stands out through its benchmark values, in the power of interior design and the design of commercial premises to be distinct from the competition.

At Standal we avoid fads and pre-defined templates. We devote ourselves to a bespoke approach, different to the others, which reflects the product or service on offer as much as possible.

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Anyone that knows us knows that teamwork is something we encourage every day.

Standal is a human team of good professionals and better people. The latter quality may not be necessary, but in our case, we are lucky to have it and are proud to share it with you.

We have an excellent technical team and a group of construction contractors with a lot of experience in demanding, varied and successful projects. Even though this should be normal, the jobs are completed with an atmosphere of friendliness and collaboration which encourages determination and a very high level of quality.

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To the list of factors – profitability, differentiation, and collaboration – we can add one that defines us as a brand: quality.

Quality that the customer comes across through a team formed through various architects, interior designers and a selection of excellent construction contractors.

Quality is the core way of working in all the services offered by Standal, both in through the preparation of the work (without limiting the visits or modifications), through the undertaking of the work, which is handcrafted and completely professional.



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