4 December, 2017 Standal

Ideas to combine with golden

The golden is a very fashionable colour but always arrives the doubt of….With which colours combine it? Therefore in Standal, experts in interiorisme in Barcelona, go you to give today these small tips of which colours are the best to combine in golden.


• Avoid the pink stick. It is a colour that transmit the opposite to the golden, thus you will create one aura that will not be any apetecible. Besides, the own golden will eat the tonality of the pink stick and no lluirà at all neither the stay neither your home.
• The coloreixis fluorine remain descartats. The golden is synonymous of elegance and the fluorine of entertainment, have to choose one of the two or will give trompicones.
• Purple or purple. Combined with the golden creates a stay càlida and acollidora, friendly and gustosa, with personality and elegance.


• Orange or fúcsia. With them will create a fun stay, sophisticated and bold.


• Black. With them is design chic, elegance, sobriety, a toc càlid and with personality.


An idea that give you since Standal, experts in interiorisme in Barcelona, are the espejitos and lights of Moroccan air that remember to the one thousand and some nights. A toc very elegant and original. But, as ever we say, for any idea for any council do not doubt to consult us in Standal. We will give you the best ideas, the best councils.


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