[ut_one_half]Over time and at the request of our clients, we have become a multi-disciplinary architecture studio, incorporating technicians and industrialists who specialise in different sectors and activities to offer a more comprehensive service.

At Standal we have a team of architects, but moreover, we work with the architects at ‘4RG Ingeniería y Arquictectura’ and ‘XAAR Arquitectes’ to pull together a professional team that’s up to speed with the market’s needs. We offer the option to manage the different phases of architecture, interior decoration and execution of work of the very same project. This is offered as high-quality package at a competitive price.


Architectural services:

At Standal, we offer all kinds of professional architectural services to be able to develop whatever construction or renovation project:

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At Standal, we have spent over 35 years designing and renovating interior spaces en all kinds of houses and commercial premises. Thanks to our professional team, we have achieved a high standard of quality in all of our jobs. Tell us your idea and we’ll help you improve your home.[/ut_toggle]
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At Standal, we take care of all the paperwork needed for new-builds: specifications report, blueprints, technical specifications document, estimate and managing the process of getting all the permissions needed to work started. Moreover, we take part in structural construction, providing efficient and innovative solutions. We build anything from single and multi-family homes to hotels, commercial properties, amenities, etc.[/ut_toggle]
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We have a professional team who are able to undertake whatever kind of building renovation, whether complete or partial. We offer a comprehensive service, taking an active part in all phases of the project: preliminary assessment of the current state, defining the project with a report, plans and estimate; and carrying out the work.[/ut_toggle]
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At Standal, we prepare all the documentation you need (blueprints and a description of the work) to be able to process a whichever type of building licence with the Administration. There are three types of licences:

  • Immediate notice: renovation works that don’t affect the structure and the interior layout of the building or home
  • Notice of minor works: works that affect the structure and the interior of the house or building, without affecting its architectural configuration.
  • Major works licence: for works that require the complete renovation of the building for a change of use of the home or premises[/ut_toggle]

[ut_toggle title=”Technical Building Inspections (TBI)” state=”closed”]
We inspect and draw up reports on the state of upkeep, and the possible structural or functional defects that can affect the building. We provide the best solutions, designers and industrialists to repair the defects revealed by the TBI. Based on the contents of this report, the Administration issues a Certificate of Building Aptitude. The 5th May Decree 67/2015 makes it a requirement to undertake a technical inspection on any building over 45 years old.[/ut_toggle]
[ut_toggle title=”Occupancy Permits” state=”closed”]
We certify the habitability of your home and the soundness of of the building, which are necessary to be able to rent or sell property, apply for a mortgage, and sign up for household utilities: water, electricity, gas, telecommunications and other services. The occupancy permit is accreditation that the building meets the minimum standards as set out in the Decree 141/2012 of the Generalitat de Catalunya.[/ut_toggle]
[ut_toggle title=”Energy Performance Certificate” state=”closed”]
We do Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) so that you can rent or sell a property, as set out in the 5th April Royal Decree 235/2013, which approves the basic procedures for energy certification of buildings.[/ut_toggle]
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At Standal, we have architects who specialise in sustainability and energy efficiency, who use new simulation tools which allow them to analyse important aspects of the environment such as natural lighting, temperature, humidity, and the influence of the wind, sun and climate, providing alternatives to achieve comfort and the best use of resources.[/ut_toggle]

At this point in time, we therefore offer the most comprehensive service as a technical architecture studio, coordinating architecture, interior design and/or complete renovation projects of varying magnitudes for demanding clients who are looking for something more than just a simple job.


[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”EXPERIENCE” state=”open”]To know anything, you need experience.
In new building projects or renovations, we offer the services of a professional team made up of an architect and interior designer who have experience in previous projects, without the need to coach the work of the team who are going to carry it out.
The design and work team has enormous connections, with the experience of many jobs with the same focus being undertaken (Standal was founded in 1979).
This experience which the current team holds translates into peace of mind for the client, such that from the very first moment, a very high level of coordination and professionalism is conveyed.
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The opinions of our clients and their feedback upon completion of the work tells us that apparently, communication is one of our best qualities.
Communicating, to us, is above all, to listen intently to the client to know the appropriate way forward. It is vital to personalise a project it is vital to know how to interpret the needs and tastes of every person and this is our prime objective. We started with this idea and we continue with this idea, convinced that we leave our clients satisfied.
We undoubtedly owe a significant chunk of this feeling of connection with our clients to all of our industrialists who leave their mark in through the way which they find solutions and and the implications these have, because of this, they come up frequently in feedback given to Standal.
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There is a very important saying at Standal: “Whatever you’re in charge of, keep up the quality of your work.”
This commitment to quality has moulded us and allowed us to become genuine professionals in what we do, able to undertake the best quality work in different typologies of jobs.
In our commitment to our architects’ and decorators’ projects, the ability to have 5 architects available ensures that the quality standard remains high and we can deliver projects of different magnitudes, offering the most comprehensive service.
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We have selected a team of architects and designers who love their work, which they live with passion, and this intense passion is conveyed by the professionals at Standal architecture studio.
To find the best solutions requires motivation and being passionate about what you do. In architecture, you always have to push the boundaries in any project to have the most options for any decision. It’s when a project starts from scratch or when a project needs a lot of involvement that every single step has a decisive say in the final result.
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We take care of processing authentications, doing energy certifications and occupancy permits, consultations with official bodies…we walk with you and sort out your legal obligations for you.
We want to offer you he most comprehensive service, become your professional advisers in every stage of the project. This fully comprehensive service includes a no-obligation visit and preliminary assessment, free of charge
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