6 November, 2017 Standal

We bet for the red?

The red always has been the colour more dared of the range of tonalities that exist. Say red was sophistication, atreviment, confidence and security. These adjectives are those that better define the red tone. If you are a faithful fan of this colour and do not imagine your day in day out without him, why not betting for the Rojo Valentino for your home….


Standal, that commission us of interiorisme in Barcelona and give shape to your ideas to decorate your house and turn it into what always have wished. Therefore same always are to the avant-garde and are followers of the last trends interiorisme Barcelona and offer them to him to those people that trust we. If you are a certain person of you same and elegant, the red has to be also in you house.

Why not betting for a sofa in red tone to give this living sample and positividad to the room? A chamber in clear tones how the minim or the tone wood clarito with this toc of sophistication. Imagine it.

But, if you prefer to contribute the colour to your stay some other way, bet for this tone in the curtains or cortinetes can be a big election. A bet except bold but that speaks on its own. An election that is trend in the actuality and a shape to give colour and life to the stay.

And, another option that showed you for the lovers of the red but less bold are the details. Bet for details in red tone to dress the stay. A vase in red valentino, will do that the looks go directly to him. They will convert it to the centre of the stay. A picture in this colour or any of his variants on a white wall. Or, why no… a wall of the stay in this tone.

Are how are Standal, expert interiorismeBarcelona, will commission us of assessorar-teaof the best way to achieve your aims.


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