Complete renovations

Home renovations for: houses, flats, lofts, studios, etc. Commercial refurbishments for: shops, restaurants, hotels, franchises, etc.

Decoration and Interior design

We are specialists in reconditioning and interior decoration of homes and commercial premises. Get the most out of the space in your home or business.


Projects and technical services for architecture. Restorations, new buildings, building licences, ITE reports, sustainable architecture, etc.

Hotel development projects

Integral services for hotel development. Viability studies, design and execution, marketing and commercialisation.

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STANDAL Renovations


Standal is multi-disciplinary studio that specialises in interior design, renovation, decoration, architectural services and hotel development that are distinguished by their quality and the high standards demanded for all projects. Our speciality is satisfied clients on the path we follow.

Specialists in renovations since 1979

Standal was founded 1979 with a completely different concept to today, but with ideals and values of quality and service which have stood the test of time. Today we also take over architectural projects, integral renovations and interior design for homes, commercial premises and hotels.

One of the secrets for success Standal has as a brand, is to always have believed in team work, our architects, interior decorators, builders, industrialists and suppliers form a single, professional team that is focussed on the cause which is to fulfil expectations in all our projects.

The other great value is surely the passion which we have and the effort we dedicate in guaranteeing services that match the tastes and needs of each client. Our goal is to work on the design, step by step in order to achieve the best proposal, the best price in order to execute that project and carry out a totally professional-quality job. We build our future and our identity on the triad of design-quality-price.


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When it comes to undertaking a project, interior design, there are a number of options when it comes to choosing an architecture studio. We stand our because of our versatility when it comes to planning and creating projects with distinct characteristics, whether it be size, style or budget… Out designers will adapt to meet whatever your needs.

This flexibility also extends to how we have developed our two key areas of work simultaneously: design and execution… We have not only evolved in interior design, but also in our execution of projects, bringing the two areas together to create a more satisfactory product. We offer offer renovation services for homes, offices or commercial properties.

[/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”COMMITMENT” state=”closed”] At Standal, we stand by our word, not only designing functional and practical projects, we also complete them on time, to a high quality and at a competitive price.

Being able to have the highest opinions from clients is the result of not disappointing with what has been proposed in terms of design, execution deadlines, agreed price and quality.

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Through careful selection of our interior designers, architects, technical partners, industrialists and suppliers, we have achieved an exceptional level of quality in our work. We demand the highest standards of professionalism and discipline from everyone who works with us.

We have selected the best to create a remarkable team who are capable of undertaking interior design, architecture or renovations in a professional and honest manner.

No matter the project, no matter the budget, we always work to a high quality and that is what defines us an industry benchmark.

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Standal seeks to tie the way spaces are designed with their environmental impact and their energy efficiency. We need to become something more profound, we need to be able to design spaces that are beautiful, functional and are fit for the demands of the near future.

Because of this, we value new, more specialist and recyclable materials with a small environmental impact during their production process and lifespan for installations that minimise our consumption, but also offer the maximum level of comfort

With this in mind, we design projects that include insulation, home automation, aero thermal energy, heat recovery ventilation, etc.… with technicians and specialist industrialists who match design with the best solutions.

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We are your interior designers. Contact us!

Standal | Barcelona - Madrid - Ibiza

Projects design and execution


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